Re: Springbok Radio, Harry Allan Towers, etc;

Scott Galley

A Harry Allan Towers group? That'd I'd be interested in joining. We love his radio, television and film projects. Interesting fellow. Died here in Toronto,  probably not 15 minutes from where I type this. Would have loved to have talked to him. We bought his autobiography, but I've yet to read it.

Sid James seemed like a sweet guy from everyone I've heard speak about him. Although I'd never heard that rumour, I'm glad it was a falsehood. That would have destroyed his memory for me as well.

I would have been very interested to talk to Reg James about Guy Doleman and Dinah Shearing. Two of my all time favourite radio actors. Ms. Shearing's performance in both Tudor Princess and Tudor Queen are remarkable. The fact that you had access to Reg for so long is wonderful. 


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