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Philip Atchley


I've been an active SWL (shortwave listener) since around 1953 when I was given an old console radio (I was 10 yrs old).  I got heavily bit by the bug and it led to a lifelong interest in radio, career in electronics etc.

Alas, shortwave isn't what it once was, BBC and a few other international broadcasters still hang on (Radio Havana immediately comes to mind), as well as a few religious broadcasters.  But I don't recall hearing any real OTR recently.

Maybe a year ago I heard some Amos and Andy and a couple other shows on a 'pirate' broadcaster, but then, I haven't done a lot of SWLing in quite awhile (more active on the hambands though).

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On 9/28/2021 5:31 AM, KENDALL SHARPE via wrote:
I recently purchased a shortwave radio, does anyone know of any old time radio stations that exist on shortwave and are receivable within the United States?  I found out online that an OTR shortwave radio station did exist back in the summer of 2019, but I've been unable to find anything that's still current.

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