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Richard Davenport

Here is a small piece I found on Wiki about SA radio.  It could be expanded by annotating lists of shows of how many were broadcast, cast members, a show log, etc.


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On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, 07:15:33 PM CDT, Richard Davenport <klingon1@...> wrote:

Why don't we all put together a document about shows from South Africa?  An e-Book of sorts. 

Everyone can have input about information.


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On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, 07:56:57 AM CDT, Ian Grieve <austotr@...> wrote:

The emphasis was not mine per se.  It was told to me numerous times to explain the situation.

The only book I found that discussed anything about early S.A. radio was a biography on Sid James.  That was where he got his start.

But then in a Harry Towers group I said I was a huge Sid James fan until I read in that book, how he abandoned his S.A. kids when he moved to England and refused to have anything to do with them.  Then a guy told me in no uncertain terms that it never happened.  Turns out he was a son of Sid James.  

I have hundreds of books on British Radio and British Radio Stars, but have never found anything on S.A. radio.  The only S.A. transcriptions I have is a drama about the first heart transplant.

Talking to white people from S.A. and even Zimbabwe, Springbok Radio was hugely popular.

Reg James from Grace Gibson sold a lot of their titles into the country and several of Reg James Australian radio friends did stints there.  We discussed it several times.  S.A. sent some of their shows to GG to broadcast in Australia.

A book on the subject may not be in English, it may be in Africaans and that is why it hasn't left their shores.

I will ask.


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Re: Springbok Radio.

Original Question: Is there a book on the subject?

Expected Answer: No.

No backstory asked for. No knowledge, or concern, on my part, of the backstory. The reason that I got my back up was simply because of the line in the initial response to my query: "It is THEIR heritage." (Ian's emphasis, not mine) as though by asking if there was a book, I was engaging in some sort of cultural appropriation. Let's be clear about the reason this thread got so heated.

Anyway, on to other things.

There's a book on a wonderful BBC show called "Music While You Work", which I just ordered. (I have a few samples of the show, and it's lovely.) I'm going to go to the mailbox and wait for that.


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