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Larry Maupin

Thank you for sending this Scott.  I just clicked on an episode to see if I could hear it, and the sound is very good.  When I was in college, my favorite professor was an English Victorian specialist, mature in years, a bachelor, very dignified with a Ph.D. from Yale.  One day he came into the classroom and told everybody he had begun watching Batman on television and that he was enjoying it very much. Maybe he thought the batmobile was cool!



From: "Scott"
Sent: Wednesday September 29 2021 7:04:06PM
Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Batman: The Audio Adventures

I know this isn't OTR, but it is interesting. I'm watching it right now on HBO Max and it's pretty cool. Since this is video based there is a Batman themed radio that glows and flashes with the volume peaks and valleys in the audio. See image below.

The First two episodes are available on youtube. 

Batman: The Audio Adventures Trailer
Batman: The Audio Adventures Episode 1
Batman: The Audio Adventures Episode 2


Larry Maupin

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