Re: Springbok Radio, Harry Allan Towers, etc;

Ian Grieve

Scott, I intend to.  COVID has prevented me from visiting Bruce for a face to face since late 2019.  I want to get permission to upload A4 Promo sheets for various GG series/serials that Reg gave me to scan and then I returned the originals.  It is something I prefer to do face to face even though we email regularly when I am seeking permission to add things to the website or he is looking for shows or info.

I have more reminiscences from ex radio people to add to the site in the meantime in the 'Readers Contributions' section and 'The Argonauts' has to be rewritten for the book and the site when I finish the research on the early days that I am working on at the moment.

I haven't heard back re S.A. book as yet.  I might email as well.


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Please post those when you get an opportunity, Ian. I'd love to read them.


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