An Episode of Dragnet

Larry Maupin

Good morning to all group members.  Last weekend there were a lot of great posts by many different members on a variety of topics.  Some of them had to do with the Dragnet episode in which Ben Romero died, which aired on December 27, 1951.  A couple of other members mentioned the March 15, 1951 episode in which Friday was grievously wounded in a shootout and hovered between life and death.

I have now heard them both, and am grateful to the members who identified the two episodes so that everyone else who wished to could listen to them.

Also, if you did not see Ryan's post yesterday asking for listeners to help on the "Father Knows Best" project, you may want to read it now.  Most of us are probably at home these days looking for something enjoyable to do, and this is a great opportunity to become involved in one of the group's projects if you have not already done so.  From my own experience as a first and second listener, I can say that the job is not difficult, is a lot of fun, and allows a member to contribute something valuable to the group's ongoing mission.

So please consider contacting Ryan if you are willing to listen to 4 or 5 episodes of "Father Knows Best" and send him a report on the sound quality and content of each.


Larry Maupin

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