Suspense #5 (1956-04-10 Upgrade)

Ryan Ellett

The latest Suspense from the Don Frey collection posted by his son Bruce Frey:

Per Suspense maestro Dr. Joe Webb: "This is a better recording than the version that is usually in circulation. The copy was less noisy than the one I have, and I was able to improve it and get it on proper speed. It cleaned up pretty nicely. Because of the documentation that Bruce supplied we now know for certain it was an AFRS copy that has been circulating all along. I had always suspected it was an AFRS program that a collector trimmed at some point - it's from the era where the dramas were shorter and you could fit 4 Suspense on one track of an 1800' reel if you trimmed the AFRS music off. In today's dollars, a reel of 1800' tape that would let you store 12 half hour episodes, 3 per track, was minimum $7.50. By squeezing 4 more episodes you could reduce your cost significantly. This was also a period where AFRS recordings were considered to be sub-par and inauthentic, so chopping off the ends was not frowned upon. It was great to get this sound upgrade!"


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