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Gordon Johansen

There is indeed a big difference in style in the Boston Blackie radio shows. Richard Kollmar was the second actor for the role and did the majority of the episodes. Chester Morris did the movies in that period of time and carried his characterization to the radio shows. I always found it interesting that I never minded his voice in the moves but somehow it seemed out of place on radio. I wonder if that is why they switched stars?

I agree with you that the writing also changed styles with the actors but I have no idea why this would be. During that period it could simply be because the head writer got caught in bed with the producer's wife or girlfriend and decided to leave the job for his health.  :-)


Mike Thomas via wrote on 10/01/21 3:16 PM:
Today I was listening to Boston Blackie and noticed something I did not know. It was not Chester Morris. Can't remember his name ...Dick Carr? Anyway these shows were much more like other shows in the genre without Morris. The sarcasm was way different. The show's had a different feel than the otr episodes or movies with Chester. Anyone have a comment on this?

The other thing I thought I heard was in BIMB today. I listened to a few of these. This is an excellen show. Love Larry Thor. I think it's Larry. Anyway during the episode (the Tori Jones case) there was a line when the antagonist says some like " oh, your like Nick Carter. I have a shelf full of Nick Carter".... Something like that. It was so random. I know Nick Carter is a street and Smith character from way back. Wonder why he was written in the script. What was the relation between BIMB and Nick? Was one show advertising for the other due to being on Dame station? Anyway.... What think you?

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