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Larry Maupin

Hi John,

It is never a bother to hear from you, and I'm sorry about the frustration you must be experiencing.

But if you read the message to which you are replying closely, you will see instructions on how to join REPS, which is the only way you can get the 20 episodes from me.  I hope you do decide to join, and if you do I will send all the episodes to you as soon as you forward the receipt that will immediately appear in your Inbox to me.

Best regards,



From: "John Nicholson"
Sent: Monday October 4 2021 2:04:56PM
Subject: Re: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Final Post on Fibber McGee Episodes

Hi Larry,
   This is my third note to you. I have been a REPS member for nearly three years. I haven’t received the FM & M or soap operas yet. The library link on the web site gives me a critical error and there appears to be no place to log in. I’m a little confused right now and would really appreciate it if you could send me the episodes and check out the two problems on the site, or let someone know that can check it out. Sorry to keep bothering you.

John Nicholson

On Oct 4, 2021, at 9:39 AM, BrianWest2 via <BrianWest2@...> wrote:

Hi Larry,

I'm not sure that I am following this correctly, but I haven't received the fibber mcgee episodes and this email says that they have been deleted. Did you send them to me and I somehow missed them, or am I misreading the email?



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Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Final Post on Fibber McGee Episodes

Hello to all fellow members.  Last week about 12 members of this group joined REPS in order to receive 11 Fibber McGee and Molly shows, 9 old-time radio soap opera episodes, or both.  By now they all have everything they wanted as well as all the other benefits associated with their membership.

I was going to extend the deadline to join for four more days, then realized that another deadline would now be pointless.  Anyone in this group can join at any time and receive anything they want that is in the online library collection.  If the Fibber McGee and soap opera files are deleted due to lack of downloads then you would not be able to get them, but I do not anticipate that happening in the immediate future.

You do not need to contact me again unless you need a pen pal or have decided to join REPS.  I will repeat the process of doing that one more time.  You type "Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound" into your browser, then click on the link that takes you to the website, then hover on "Get Involved." then click on "Join REPS" in the menu that drops down and you will be taken to the payment page where you can subscribe to a one-year membership for $25 using PayPal or a credit card.

After you do that, just forward the receipt that will appear in your Inbox to me, and I will send it to the board secretary who will get you properly enrolled.  Then just let me know whether you would like to have the 11 Fibber McGee episodes, the 9 OTR soap opera episodes, or both, and I will have everything to you within 24 hours and probably much sooner.

Best Regards.

Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin

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