Re: Interesting sound fx fail on Suspense on East broadcast, gets it right on West

Phil Becker

Great info, but one correction  Evansville is in Indiana, not Illinois  Happens to be the town I grew up in.


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Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Interesting sound fx fail on Suspense on East broadcast, gets it right on West


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Suspense Upgrades - Page 5 EmptyRe: Suspense Upgrades

Post by greybelt

Today at 2:08

This is an upgrade to a file posted in the last year. The item after this is really really interesting in showing the difference between east and west...

Suspense_1947-04-17_GreenEyedMonster_wLloydNolan (3sec to ID) UPGRADE-4.mp3

This was posted over the last year and had fallen out of circulation but was found again in the transferred reels
Suspense_1947-04-17_GreenEyedMonster_wLloydNolan (1sec to ID).mp3
Degoo only

Newspaper clippings were posted previously... these are new...

1947-04-17 Corpus Christi TX Times
Suspense Upgrades - Page 5 1947-324

1947-04-17 Evansville IL Courier & Press
Suspense Upgrades - Page 5 1947-323


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THIS IS A PORTION OF MY COBALT CLUB POST TODAY where I post an upgraded or newly found (or re-discovered) version of the series. Join Cobalt Club -- the best place to work on series and research for many of us OTRR folk -- register at  -- it's free


I recently stumbled on this news clip that relates two incidents where sound effects did not work on Suspense according to Bill Spier...

1947-04-13 Pittston PA Sunday Dispatch
Suspense Upgrades - Page 5 1947-322

This was one of those "evergreen" press releases that CBS would send out. It was published in newspapers around the country, surprisingly, with every word intact. The earliest it was published in a paper was April 3, 1947, and the latest I saw in some papers in June 1947.

The second incident in the clip is about Three Faces at Midnight from 1947-02-24 and it turns out it can be documented! The Cobalt Dialogue Difference Detection Squad (C3DS, aka lasombra and chasedad) were on it. Chasedad reported this back, and I have edited:

I listened to the programs and clipped the audio of the scene even further. This is the link to the file that has the clip of the scenes from East followed by West
If you click on the link you can download the little file or play it within Icedrive by clicking "open" and then the "play" arrow. It's about 10 seconds, of which 3-5 seconds is from the east broadcast of Conried buying time for one of the guns to finally do what it was supposed to.

Conried was such a pro. This is where his deep and broad stage experience really comes through to adapt to situations in performances as they happen without flailing about and in a very convincing way.

Back when I had a real job and I had hair and such, and it seemed that corporate life was my professional destiny, the company's ad manager told me he had pursued an acting career years earlier. One of his pleasures was a summer in a traveling play with Conried. Stupid stuff would happen on stage and the players would have to turn away from the audience to hide their laughter, but not Conried. Conried would get a knowing glint in his eye but he would hold his expression and not lose the moment... and then they'd all crack up about it when they got off stage. He said that summer was one of the most incredible times he had as a struggling actor... before he decided to become a struggling ad manager instead. Some might say that ad manager job was his best acting performance ever. Did I just say that? But I digress...

It is really amazing that we can find this news item and then actually verify it, almost 75 years later!

As far as the other story goes, with the missed gunshot and the line "I'll use a knife" is the kind often told by a party or a convention guest. It could be one of those "showbiz stories" that everyone tells each other decades later. But we have something to listen for in the pre-April 1947 shows now, don't we?! Lasombra remembers hearing it at a SPERDVAC meeting decades ago but does not remember where or when... yet...

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