Re: Interesting sound fx fail on Suspense on East broadcast, gets it right on West

Alan Kline

The Kermit Schaefer “Pardon My Blooper” series, based on his similar books. It wasn’t obvious to me back then, but is now, that the vast majority of the “bloopers” are recreations. Library music, stock sound effects, the same voices, and pretty shoddy production values. And a lot of those recreations were of radio or TV continuity where airchecks would never have been recorded.

Dick Clark did a much better blooper album in the 80’s—his bloopers were genuine. Of course, being Dick Clark, he had access to troves of likely material. People answered his phone calls… And by the 80’s, people were more able and likely to save the good stuff…


On Oct 5, 2021, at 12:28 PM, pygar two via <> wrote:

There was a series of "blooper" albums in the 70's in which some bloopers seem to be fakes, not real old recordings. The "I'll use a knife! BLAM BLAM!" blooper was on one of them, so a person could have heard a fake or "re-produced" blooper... without it ever actually happening to begin with!

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