Re: Lost Aussie radio show Burton Trent - Master Detective

Ian Grieve

Someone has grabbed the shows from my blog Dated November 2014.

The story of how they were found is here in two parts  The worst surface condition of any discs I have cleaned.  I have worst condition discs waiting to be recorded, peeling surfaces or more waves than the Pacific Ocean, but these were the filthiest and I was surprised they turned out as good as they did.

No, they aren't the only two surviving episodes.  They are just the only two I have made available.


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I found this show at it's a Aussie detective show that almost nobody knows anything about.
Apparently there is a really cool story about the guy finding these buried beneath his mother's house.

I think these are the only two surviving episodes, there is a link to the discovery if you click the show title at the top of the page:

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