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Thank you very much Scott, and that may be possible. But the announcer seems to say General Radio the same way you would say CBS radio or NBC radio.  The series is Front Page Drama, many episodes of which are in the OTRR Library.  If you or anyone else in the group would like to listen to the first two or three minutes of a couple of episodes you should hear the announcement, and that could lead to a conclusive answer to the question of whether a General Radio Network ever existed even for a brief time.  Does the fact that the announcer says it existed confirm that it did?  Could it have been a regional network?

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You think maybe that is RKO General?



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Good morning and happy Friday to everybody!


I have been spot checking an OTR series for sound quality, and at the beginning of several episodes the announcer has distinctly said "This is General Radio."  This does not appear to be an instance of syndication in which something generic will be said that leads to dead air or a musical interlude that gives local stations time to insert their commercials.  But when I type "General Radio Network" into my browser, nothing intelligible comes up?


Can any of the many OTR scholars and collectors in this group provide some information on this?


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Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin

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