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Phil Becker

CD Ripper software will digitize the audio and place it where  you tell it to.  I don’t know of one that won’t rip directly to a flash drive if you tell it to.  I’ve even used Windows Media Player to do this (but in that case I had to convert the output format to what I wanted after it was digitized).


CDs are already digitized, you are just copying them form the D and converting them to the format of your choice with the proper software.


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Thank you Brian.  I clicked on your link, but did not see a way to transfer audio files to a flash drive as they are being digitized.  I think a piece of hardware must be necessary to accomplish that, something a flash drive will plug in to like the NAXA Portable Recorder & Cassette Player I use to digitize cassettes.


I am grateful for your reply.




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Pretty much any CD ripper will do it. I personally use

Larry Maupin

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