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Wild West Designs

If you use Linux, quite a few distros (some Ubuntu based ones as well) have built in utilities that are able to take that raw CDA link and actually get where those files point to on the disc and just drag and drop and get a WAV file that way without having to rip it as an intermediary step.  If on Windows (or Mac), will more likely have to use ripping software to do so, but almost any of them can handle that process.

As far as transferring to a jump drive or other external drive, just set that up as your file destination with any of said programs if using a ripping software.  If on Linux, it should just be simple drag and drop if those above mentioned utilities are on the computer (as I said, your bulkier distros should have it on there as audio usage is a fairly common usage).


Evan West

On 2021-10-31 10:34 AM, Larry Maupin wrote:

Happy Halloween everybody!
Does anyone know what piece of equipment will digitize old-time radio shows that are on a CD and transfer them to a flash drive?  If you know, what do you consider to be a good make and model, and where can it be purchased?
Thank you.

Larry Maupin

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