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Scott Mahan

I have been unable to find anything pre-1945 in For Casey. It seems very dark and cold.


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I have and will see what I can do.


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Updated Casey log -- not for publication yet -- please do not share outside of Cobalt Club or this OTRR group at this time since it's still being edited, updated, and enhanced.

The log has been reviewed in comparison to the notes that were in Cole's papers as given to me by the late Dave Siegel. I made many corrections to the episode names and have identified all of the repeats that I could possibly find. Cole usually changed titles for repeats and often changed character names.

I have a subscription and am looking for the help of someone who has access to different services that have access to other newspapers for their listings.

The key area I need help is for the revival series starting at line 384. There are many episodes early in the revival series for which I have not been able to get information. I did have some CBS press release info for about a third of the revival, and verified others with newspaper listings. But there are some weeks that are missing information.

Those notes do not begin until the March 4, 1944 broadcast. Therefore, I could also use some newspaper clippings for dates prior to that if those clippings have plot descriptions in them, even if it's just a single sentence. Again, I've exhausted

Remember, is owned by, so going through Ancestry will not be able to add to the info gathered so far. So if you have a,, or other service, especially through a library, such as New York Times or ProQuest or some other source, that would be greatly appreciated for any of those dates.

Whatever help you can offer would be spectacular! As sister Edna says about projects like these, "Rome wasn't burned in a day!"

My blog about the series (on its way to becoming a book) is at

Joe W


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