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I am new to the group and, I haven't sent a message.  This is my 1st., I am a avid Sinatra collector of his radio career.  He had a show in 1950-1951 on CBS titled " Meet Frank Sinatra " it was produced by Mark Goodson, and it was kind of like a talk show, Sinatra would go into the audience and talk to people.  Of course he also sang songs.  The show was transcribed, so I assume it was recorded.  I have about 3 of the shows and looking to collect more of them on CD.  Can anyone help ?

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There was a broadcast on June 15, 1950 that I'd love to hear: Deadline with Broderick Crawford. It still eludes us. Originally planned for a live broadcast, it was recorded in advance 12 days before on a Saturday night. The script shows the revision from attributing "editing" to "transcribed" to Spier.

The script cover shows the production staff and cast arriving that evening on Saturday, June 3. The rehearsals and recording began at 7pm, scheduled to end at Midnight. And then who knows what happened after that! Crawford was supposedly a party animal.

Because of music union contract requirements, music that was pre-recorded had a higher rate of pay because the musicians would miss out on future use of their work (it's more complex than that, but it's a simple explanation for our purposes here). Since the intent was to broadcast Suspense only once, having the orchestra in for the recording of the dramatic portion did not make sense. Music staff (and likely Harlow Wilcox, the announcer) arrived on the day of the broadcast and supplied their contribution to the broadcast live on that Thursday, June 15 day. Their rehearsals and smoothing out timing began at 2:30pm PT and culminated in the 6pm PT national broadcast. Hmmm... maybe that Saturday after-party was less raucous than imagined without the musicians to assist...

Suspense Upgrades - Page 8 Deadli11

Suspense Upgrades - Page 8 Deadli10

1950-06-11 Sioux City IA Journal
Suspense Upgrades - Page 8 1950-242

1950-06-15 Atlanta GA Constitution
Suspense Upgrades - Page 8 1950-241

1950-06-15 Battle Creek MI Enquirer
Suspense Upgrades - Page 8 1950-240

1950-06-15 Los Angeles CA Daily News
Suspense Upgrades - Page 8 1950-239

We have the complete script of the broadcast and I keep hoping that one of our many recreation groups would present the program. I'm not aware that any of them have.


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