Re: YUSA auction list

Larry Maupin

Hi Walden,

I would like to see the list.  If the auction is online, will I need for you to send me a link so I can participate in it?  If it is a Zoom meeting, I assume people can type in bids if they don't have a telephone connection.

Thank you,



From: "Walden Hughes"
Sent: Thursday November 18 2021 5:03:01AM
Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] YUSA auction list

Hi Everybody,


If you would like to see the list of items for the YUSA auction that will happen this Saturday 11-20-21 at 12 PM.  You Can ssend me an email at waldenhughes@... and I will send it to you via email,





Larry Maupin

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