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Walden Hughes

Hi Larry,


We broadcast it on please can go in to the YUSA chat room which is on the home page and bid that way, they can call at (714) 545-2071.  They can email pre-bids to waldenhughes@...




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Hi Walden,


I would like to see the list.  If the auction is online, will I need for you to send me a link so I can participate in it?  If it is a Zoom meeting, I assume people can type in bids if they don't have a telephone connection.


Thank you,




From: "Walden Hughes"
Sent: Thursday November 18 2021 5:03:01AM
Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] YUSA auction list

Hi Everybody,


If you would like to see the list of items for the YUSA auction that will happen this Saturday 11-20-21 at 12 PM.  You Can ssend me an email at waldenhughes@... and I will send it to you via email,





Larry Maupin

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