pre-bid on all items YUSA auction

Walden Hughes

Hi Everybody,


We will take pre-bids on all items.  So far I have a bid for a 1 tb drive for $99.  You pick the shows  and I load them on the drive.   I do not have a pre-bid on the drive with 2 TB, the drive with 3 tb and also the drive of 4 TB.  I can go with bigger drives if the money is there.  We will also have a drawing.  Everybody who buys an item there number will be put in a container.  We will pull a ticket out.  The winner will get a 1 tb flash drive and they can choose      the files to be loaded on the flash drive.  Take care,






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Hi Walden,


Please send me the auction list.









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Hi Everybody,


If you would like to see the YuSA auction list of items.  You can send me an email at waldenhughes@...


Take care,








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