Lora Lawton

Larry Maupin

Broadcast Date: Friday, April 30, 1948

Sponsor: Bab-O.

Suggested Episode Title: "Can Bert Harris Be Trusted?"

Summary: At the hospital, brain surgeon Dr, Randy Ballancoutrt and Peter's personal physician Dr. Alec Mercer debate how to persuade Peter to consent to the operation that will restore his memory and lucidity.  Bert Harris is supervisor of the Carver Shipbuilding Company and is going to the hospital, ostensibly to convince Peter to have the surgery.  Meanwhile at the shipyard Stephen Grant, a naval architect, tells Lora that he thinks Harris is deliberately holding back production of a new ship model that could save the company.  Will Bert Harris and his wife Betsy abduct Peter from the hospital in order to "rescue" him?

Larry Maupin

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