Re: Casey, Crime Photographer -- help needed -- updated Casey log!

Jim Jones

Yesterday I mentioned the first NY Times listing was for July 4, 1943. That was a Sunday paper with a weekly schedule. The listing for the show was actually for Wed 7/7/43. I did not mean to mislead. So probaly the first actual play date is as Archie said, Wed July 7, 1943. WABC at 11:30 pm.
However, on the change of title. The following are listings from the  NYT Saturdays at  1130pm, WABC
        Jan 15, 1944 – Flashgun Casey
        Jan 22, 1944 – Flashgun Casey
        Jan 29, 1944 – Preempted for President Roosevelt speech, March of Dimes
        Feb 5, 1944 – Casey, Press Photographer
        Feb 12, 1944 – Casey, Press Photographer....
These are earlier dates than Archie found in the published book on Flashgun Casey.
People obviously stayed up later in those days!

From: Archie
Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 9:51 AM
Subject: Re: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Casey, Crime Photographer -- help needed -- updated Casey log!
I am checking  David Siegel and J Randolph Cox's book on Flashgun Casey.  Here is their take on names:

Program debuted on July 7, 1943 as "Flash-Gun Casey press Photographer"
On April 8, 1944 it became "Casey, Press Photographer"
By July 4, 1945 title was shortened to "Crime Photographer"
March 29, 1947 the title "Casey, Crime Photographer" came into existence and remained the official title until the programs end on November 16, 1950.

When Casey returned to the airwaves in 1954, title reverted back to "Crime Photographer".


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