Re: .wav vs. .flac for distros

Damon Fries

I always like WAVs but in the interest of disc space, have been fine with FLACs.  Since it’s lossless, whomever wants WAVs can convert them.  I do have issues with FLACS now and then on my Mac - if certain compression levels are used, then the preview won’t work.  And of course it won’t work in iTunes w/o conversion to WAV or mp3.  But with FLACs to save bandwidth, we can turn them into whatever format we prefer...

On 15 Apr 2020, at 22:24, Danny <clarkdl85@...> wrote:

Hi, Ryan.

I use a mac as my primary computer and haven't had any issues with flac files.  If it's easier to convert and upload that format, I say go for it.


On 4/15/20 3:15 PM, Ryan Ellett via wrote:
I'm working on a new set and there's a fair number of episodes in .wav format. Of course, they're huge and converting them to .flac for distribution and uploading to Archive makes them a little easier to handle. Is there a strong argument for one format over the other for these particular episodes? I know for me that .flac can be fiddly on my Apple products which is irritating, but not to the point that I want that to determine the file format. Thoughts?

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