A 13th Episode Of The Strange Romance of Evelyn Winters

Larry Maupin

Hello again.  Barbara Watkins has just sent me another episode, bringing the total to 13.  This is interesting because Jerry Haendiges has a list of 14 episodes on his website, and I learned from him that only 13 are available because one of them is still on a phonograph record and he has not yet transferred it.  So now thanks to Ryan, Matthew and Barbara what began as a set of 7 has almost doubled, and we may dare to believe that we actually do have all surviving episodes except the one more that Jerry has.  We can also be sure that this set is not at this time available anywhere else in the world free of charge.  

After completing this summary I will send a link to the episode to everyone on the list of recipients:

13. "Valerie Winters" (7/7/48).  Valerie and her mother Biddie Bridewell are perpetrating a hoax on Evelyn. They have made her think that Valerie is her stepmother and has a claim on the inheritance Evelyn received from her father after he supposedly died in a war some years ago.

Larry Maupin

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