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Ian Grieve

G'day Bob, there is an experienced OTR Researcher tracking down the Harry Towers series origins, cast etc.  Its not my story to tell.  But hopefully the Towers mysteries will get solved in the near future.


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"The Lives of Harry Lime" had a verbose intro... "Presenting Orson Welles as the Third Man..." speech and dramatic "That was the gunshot that killed Harry Lime" explaining the "prequels" connection to the movie, followed by spoken plot-summary intros and "punchline" exits by Welles-as-Harry.

The Third Man Theme's original Zither player Anton Karas got credit in the program introduction, and there were opening, 12-minute, and ending interludes of him playing, and even more zither punctuating filler and background use of his music. The 50 programs I have in my iTunes player (probably an archive-org collection from 2012) range from 26:51 to 29:30 each ... But even the shortest. "Pleasure Before Business," has a full two minutes of zither at beginning and another two minutes at the end, *after* a zither break for an ad and Welles' closing comments. 

The longest one, "Clay Pigeon," has a long zither addendum after its closing message from Orson-as-Harry.... as if they played the closing-zither tape three or four times! No dead air at all.  

I wonder if there were written announcer-cut-in instructions to users of the show!? 

By the way, given my usual fixation on newspaper characters in radio plots, my interest in Harry Lime was really the later series "Europe Confidential," which recycled Harry Lime scripts, writing hustling Harry out of the story and inserting an American journalist character.  After tracking down Jim McCuaig and helping figure out the origin-story, I wrote about a few episodes in 2013. I never finished a planned master essay about the series, after I found out it wasn't a U.S. production *and* retired from my university position, removing the "publish or perish" pressure ...  :-)



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