Jim Jones

Ryan is correct I was working on that project. However, over the summer I became invested in a couple of other projects (not OTR) that demanded my time. They have come to a close and snow will start falling soon. That should give me a chance to get back to ILAM

I have almost completed the sorting portion of the project. I know which are valid shows, which are dupes, which are mislabeled and misdated.
Here is what I have done so far.
1. I have downloaded all known episodes of ILAM that I have been able to find.
2. I have listened to and sorted all episodes by series and run (before 1945 and the repeats after 1945)
3. I have first lined every episode and color coded dupes (which are numerous)
4. The mislabeling of dates and series (mutual vs Fleisman's) is overwhelming. Episodes have been pieced together trying to create sequential story lines.
5. I have verified (and nullified) most episodes and dates by x-checking dialogue with scripts.
6. The spreadsheet for this project is complicated and over 350 lines long.
7 I have also created a spreadsheet that explains in detail every ILAM file in the OTRR library.

The only thing really remaining is to verify some of the very limited episodes by scripts.

When I do eventually release this I will also include a graphic novel of "The Fear That Crept Like a Cat"., which I have digitized. Unfortunately it is very disappointing.

Another portion of the project that was put on hold this summer is the addition of spoken "Intros" to Million Dollar Curse. 10 of the 15 episodes are complete. These are being done from scripts and add a huge amount of detail, improving the story line and greatly enhancing each episode. 

After the holidays I spend two months in Maui, so do not expect to much in the near future. However, when I return this will be on the front burner.


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