Re: The Strange Romance of Evelyn Winters


Ryan….   Are you going to share the complete folder?   The way the files were distributed with multiple emails and all the replies I only managed to download 8 of the 14 files.     I’m not even sure which ones I missed.     


On Wed, Dec 8, 2021 at 4:24 PM Ryan Ellett via <> wrote:
I've been working with Larry to try and put this set together. There have been a lot of episodes shared and different dates and titles posted. Realizing it will be extremely difficult to verify these dates against discs or scripts, I compared the dates I had to dates that Jerry has listed in his holdings. Most matched up, some did not and did not seem to be an obvious typo of some sort in the date (i.e. 5s and 6s can look very similar in handwriting). Here is what I currently have in my folder:

1945-02-28 Jenny wants to Act (sometimes spelled Ginny, not sure if they are the same character, also titled Jenny's Audition)
1945-08-27 Walter Returns from Washington
1945-10-15 Jenny's Part in New Comedy
1946-03-12 Maggie's Night Off
1946-04-26 Collier
1946-10-29 A Disturbing News Bulletin (also dated 1946-03-26)
1946-12-29 Pierre (Pierce?) Waits for Evelyn's Answer
1947-01-20 Pierce (Pierre?) Leaves for London
1947-01-27 The Upper Crust
1947-03-26 The Theater Crowd
1947-06-11 Pierce and Jenny Dine at the New Tahiti (from disc on with picture)
1947-06-13 Evelyn Returns from New Haven (from disc on with picture)
1948-04-21 Kristin Talks with Gary (also labeled Returning Late)
1948-07-07 Valerie Winters Climbs Stairs

Let me know how this compares to what all the recipients of the set have in their folder.


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