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B. J. Watkins

No, the 47-03-26 show was also erroneously dated 48-04-21. The real 48-04-21 was about Evelyn staying out all night. In my reel collection I had it listed as Evelyn doesn't come home until 8 am. Back in the 1980s and 90s I did a lot of trading. Several of my trading partners had nice collections of soaps. I found my card file for Evelyn Winters. I had ten episodes. Several of the reels have been digitized. One episode was 4-23-46. I believe that might be the episode now circulating as 4-26-46. Whether the date was corrected over time or someone just miscopied it along the way I don't know.


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Aren't 47-03-26 Theater Crowd and 48-04-21 Kristen talks with Gary the same?


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48-04-21 or #893 if my sequence works, I have as Returning Late. 

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I suspect Barbara's episodes came from the SPERDVAC library, but only she knows for sure...

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The tentative date list I built for Evelyn Winter was based on the pattern that was listed.  I did not know if any breaks were taken or the broadcast date changed.  If it is ok, then that allows us to establish show numbers to go with the broadcast dates. I don't know where Barbara found her episodes but I looked in all my dark corners around the web and found very little. 

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