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 This one from Barbara is still not listed


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Noted. I'll delete the incorrect 48-04-21 (Kristin talks with Gary) episode from the folder.
Both 1946-04-23 and 1946-04-26 are plausible dates as they fall on Tuesday and Friday respectively. I may need to just make a note in the file data that there is a possible alternate date.

It appears we stand at 13 episodes with these dates (changes have been made at the pCloud link):

1945-02-28 Jinny Wants to Act
1945-08-27 Walter Returns from Washington
1945-10-15 Jinny's Part in New Comedy
1946-03-12 Maggie's Night Off
1946-04-23 (possibly 1946-04-26) Collier
1946-10-29 A Disturbing News Bulletin
1947-01-20 Pierce Leaves for London
1947-01-27 The Upper Crust
1947-03-26 The Theater Crowd
1948-04-21 Returning Late
1948-07-07 Valerie Winters

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I meant they were the same on Ryan's first line list and in his updated distro from yesterday.


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No, the 47-03-26 show was also erroneously dated 48-04-21. The real 48-04-21 was about Evelyn staying out all night. In my reel collection I had it listed as Evelyn doesn't come home until 8 am. Back in the 1980s and 90s I did a lot of trading. Several of my trading partners had nice collections of soaps. I found my card file for Evelyn Winters. I had ten episodes. Several of the reels have been digitized. One episode was 4-23-46. I believe that might be the episode now circulating as 4-26-46. Whether the date was corrected over time or someone just miscopied it along the way I don't know.


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Aren't 47-03-26 Theater Crowd and 48-04-21 Kristen talks with Gary the same?

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