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Larry Gassman

I know we have a long list of Jack Benny firsts but haven’t found it yet.

Not sure it is even digitized, but we plan to fix that this week.

I can’t imagine there wouldn’t already be a listing somewhere.

Any thoughts?\




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I can't say with 100% certainty, but I believe the first appearance of Mr. Billingsley is in the 12/24/1939 episode, "Jack Hosts A Christmas Open House". He's mentioned at about 22:57, and makes an appearance at about 26:11. I didn't find any other reference to Mr. Billingsley or a boarder in any earlier episode of the 1939-40 season (and we have all of those at least up to that point), or in any earlier 1939 episode.


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He is mentioned - and has a speaking part - in the 1/21/1940 episode ("Gladys Zybisco Is Discussed"). So, I'll go back to the start of the 1939-40 season and see what I find.


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He's definitely a character by January 1941 (though no speaking part in this episode).


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That is an interesting article. I was most of the way through 1937 (listening to them at 1.75 time) and he hadn't appeared yet, so I think I'll jump to 1940. If I hear the character early on - particularly if it doesn't sound like he's new (I would think a new boarder would be mentioned as such) - I'll go back a year.


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Here is a very interesting article about comedy ghost writers. Ed Beloin and his relationship with the Jack Benny show is discussed in detail.


The date of the article is 1939. At that time it appears Beloin was just a comedy writer and does not indicate he played the part of Mr. Billingsley.




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A question asked on the YouTube channel: When did the character of Mr. Bellingsley [played by writer Ed Beloin] first appear on the Jack Benny Show?

I see references in a Jack Benny fan forum that they thought it was 1940. However, the book Sunday Nights at Seven that the character was on the show 1938-42. Anyone know what the first available episode with that character is?

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