Re: The Adventures of Frank Race

Randy Watts

Has anyone come up with evidence that there were ever more than 43 episodes of :"Frank Race" produced? Martin Grams logged two separate runs of 43 episodes each. Digital Deli was likewise unable to come up with logs of more than the 43 in circulation. I've seen references in trade magazines to 52 episodes of "Frank Race," and 43 is admittedly an odd number of shows, radio usually working in blocks of 13. It seems odd, though, that if there existed episodes numbered #44 through #52 that discs for those have never surfaced and that no one has been able to come up with newspaper logs that indicate them being aired or even giving titles for them. Randy Riddle, for example, came up with discs for some 35 episodes of "Frank Race," but nothing higher than episode 43.


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