Re: .wav vs. .flac for distros

Patrick Andre

Agreed – I know that MP3 is lossy, and I understand that WAV and FLAC are not lossy, and maintain the original content accurately.


However considering the quality of the original recordings, I am not sure what we would be losing or missing.


I agree, at 192 kbs or higher, you should capture the quality adequately, with the benefit of a much smaller file size.


FYI: I understand that FLAC only saves about 25% of the space of a full wave file.  If I am moving large files and using mass storage, I might as well go with the more universal wave file.


So I would prefer either WAV or MP3 at 192 kbs or higher.  But I will take any format provided.




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i'm fine with either as well. if it something in mp3, then no smaller than 192kbs

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