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Scott Mahan

Didn't mean to imply stupidity. Please don't take offense. Just saying that, given the definitions, what was said in the movie doesn't make a whole lot of sense in any context. Which, I guess, is probably the best argument for it actually being an anachronism. It's odd no matter how you look at it.

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Yes, Scott, I’m not as stupid as you imply. We were discussing context of the movie.

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The IT term was derived (in the 1980's actually) from the Automotive/Aviation Engineering term. (You do know that part in your car which separates the passenger cabin from the engine compartment is the firewall, right?) That kind of firewall lets the good/necessary stuff in/out but keeps the bad stuff out, whether that be fire, shrapnel, or Russian hackers. A construction firewall is just to contain fire (well and sometimes also to keep the building from falling down) so it's just about fire. So ... listening to the show ... I'm not sure what the context of what was said was supposed to mean. Maybe it was an anachronism, maybe it wasn't. It is still a really fun watch.

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