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Hey Brian,   I like the way Spek works!   I don't mean to interrupt the Blame Flame discussion, but I found another audio tool to check lossless file types to see if they have been upsampled from an mp3!   Here's an example shot...   The top file sounded very "weak" to my ears and the software confirmed my suspicion.


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It looks like there are possibly two or three digital sources for the files in the proposed set: (1) one that recorded them at 192 kbps (the files that are around 20 mb; one - #41 - is two channels), (2) one that recorded them at 128 kbps (the 14 mb files) and (3) one that recorded them at 64 kbps (the 7 mb files). That said, it's quite possible that at least the smallest ones and possibly all of them are from the same source and were re-encoded at lower bit rates along the way to reduce the file size. 
  • 192 kbps - 5 files (plus two from Richard that are both two channels, though one of them doesn't otherwise appear to be any different than the 128 kbps mono version)
  • 128 kbps - 17 files
  • 64 kbps - 7 files
It doesn't appear the two two-channel files affect the file size, which I suppose makes sense, since the original recordings wouldn't have been in stereo. A lot of Richard's mislabeled duplicates are two-channel files (though the correctly labeled one is not - an example is #10/#35). Maybe how the source presented them? At least some of them have tags indicating they came from

Most of the 192 kbps files have a greater audio range than the 128 kbps files, indicating they really were recorded at a higher bitrate originally - rather than re-encoded at a higher rate after the information was already lost due to a lower bitrate original recording.


On Sun, Jan 9, 2022 at 10:15 PM Larry Gassman <larrygassman1@...> wrote:

We dubbed them for SPERDVAC in the 90’s.  They were donations.
What you have is what we had with tons of gaps.





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I'm a bit surprised there's a difference in any of them; it wouldn't surprise me if all the digital copies floating around originated from the same source recording at some point. It's not a popular show and I can't imagine numerous versions were digitized from tapes and reels back in the day.





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I went through all of them and compared them to the proposed set. There are a lot of mislabeled shows. There are two possible sound upgrades. The one labeled as episode 1 (really episode 11) is at a higher bitrate. That said, when I compare it to the version we have using Spec, the files look identical. The more promising one is #36. It is also a higher bitrate, and it looks cleaner/fuller in Spec than our version. Someone might want to listen to both of them and see what they think, as I don't think I'm a great judge of that, either.


1. Same as 11, may be a slight upgrade
3. Same as 13
4. Same as 15
5. Same as 21
6. Same as 21
7. Same as 22
8. Same as 31
9. Same as 34
10. Same as 35
11. Correct
12. Correct
13. Correct
14. Same as 39
15.  Correct
16. Same as 41
17. Same as 42
18. Same as 43
19. Same as 53
20. Same as 54
21. Correct
22. Correct
23. Correct
24. Same as 58
25. Same as 56
26. Same as 60
27. Same as 62
28. Same as 63
29. Same as 76
31. Correct
34. Correct
35. Correct
36. Correct. Probably a sound upgrade
37. Correct
38. Correct
39. Correct
40. Correct
41. Correct
42. Correct
43. Correct
53. Correct
54. Correct
55. Correct
56. Correct
57. Same as 59
58. Correct
59. Correct
60. Correct
62. Correct
63. Correct
76. Correct


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Thanks Rick!




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I threw my Black Flame series into a RAR file and sent it to Pcloud.  Some of these are upgrades to the ones from the OTRR library.

If any has the missing ones please let me known.


Here is the Pcloud link...




Black Flame Of The Amazon (1938).rar - Shared with pCloud

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