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You have the same files as are in the set - with possibly one or two sound upgrades. All the others are mislabeled (I listed previously what your number was versus the actual episode, e.g., "3. same as 13"). It doesn't sound like any of the other of the 225 total episodes are currently known to exist. That doesn't mean that more aren't out there in someone's collection somewhere, but with a mostly regional show that doesn't appear to have been very popular with collectors, it is not as likely. Larry did mention they dubbed them for SPERDVAC in the 90s (a donation). So, it is possible there are different recordings, but all - or mostly - from the same original source material.

It does look like the mislabeled episodes have been floating around for a long time. Looking in Otter, I see most if not all of them listed there without any real title attached to them.

So, it appears this is the current state of this series:

1-10: missing
11-13: extant, in OTRR set
14: missing
15: extant, in OTRR set
16-20: missing
21-23: extant, in OTRR set
24-30: missing
31: extant, in OTRR set
32-33: missing
34-43: extant, in OTRR set
44-52: missing
53-56: extant, in OTRR set
57: missing
58-60: extant, in OTRR set
61: missing
62-63: extant, in OTRR set
64-75: missing
76: extant, in OTRR set
77+: missing

Or, to list it a different way,

Extant: 11-13, 15, 21-23, 31, 34-43, 53-56, 58-60, 62-63, 76
Missing: 1-10, 14, 16-20, 24-30, 32-33, 44-52, 57, 61, 64-75, 77+

On Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 2:21 PM Ryan Ellett via <> wrote:
This was a transcribed series so episode dates would only reflect one particular market. It aired at different times and days in different places. An individual could add dates to their files but the plan now is not to attach dates to this series.

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On Monday, January 10, 2022, 02:02:56 PM CST, Richard Davenport <klingon1@...> wrote:

Everything I have came from the OTRR site and  For the sake of my accuracy, could the more learned and aware folks here help to correct the files I have?   If I understand correctly there are other sources out there that have more of the same files but possible improvements?  I indicated the ones that were missing in the series with NEED.  Maybe these can be located and that there are others that are missing in reality.   Since per that newspaper article we know the date of a first broadcast as well as the frequency, could we potentially add dates to the files?


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