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Karl Schadow

Larry is correct in that this ABC series originated from New York. 

There are reviews in both Variety (Octobert 19, 1949) and The Billboard (Ocytober 29, 1949) which cite the following cast (characters added by yours truly):
Jackson Beck (Gregory Hood)
John McGovern (Sanderson Taylor)
Kathleen Cordell (Leora Thorne)
John Griggs (Brad Thorne)
Art Carney (Baker)
Florence Robinson (Florette?)

In the closing segment the crew is credited (also cited in both reviews): Martin Andrews (Director), Frank Cooper (Producer), Jerome B. Boss (writer). Announcer is unknown.


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I talk to Larry and he knows the voice is from many shows from the Shadow.  I check Goldin and a name listed on 10-15-49 is Martin Andrews,






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Can anyone help identify the actors playing Gregory Hood and Sandy Taylor in the initial ABC episode? The information I have indicates that it should be Elliott Lewis (articles from then mention Jackson Beck replacing him three episodes after that, but that doesn't mean that's when it actually happened), but I have my doubts - and the cast credits aren't listed at the end. I have no information on who Sandy Taylor would be. Howard McNear was through at least June 1949, but even I can tell that's not him. :) 

Here's a link to the episode, "The Carnival of Death", from 10/15/1949:

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