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Randy Watts

Regarding the discrepancy in dates on INDICTMENT (Goldin gives November 17, 1957, but adds, "possibly dated November 2, 1958.")

At the conclusion of the broadcast, the CBS announcer mentions that, "tonight Mitch Miller plays host to Max Schulman." Newspaper radio logs indicate that Schulman appeared on Miller's show on November 17, 1957, but make no mention of him appearing on November 2, 1958, which would support November 17, 1957 being the correct broadcast date of this episode.


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Hi Max.  Thank you for the information, and I will check Goldin before sending out the first 7 episodes of the distro later this morning.  If anyone else reading this can confirm one of your dates versus the other, please post it so everyone can see it.

My son and his family lived in Schenectady for several years at a home on picturesque Skyline Drive, and he probably listened to WROW many times.



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I assume you checked Goldin??
Indictment. November 17, 1957. CBS net, WROW, Albany, New York aircheck. Vick's Cough Drops, Standard Furniture Company (local). A woman is found dead in Central Park. Her Latin husband is suspected of the crime, but Dave Campbell confesses to the murder. However, Campbell couldn't have done it and the husband is starting to look guilty. The seeds on the husband's clothes are all the proof the cops need. This series claims to be based "on the files of" Eleazar Lipsky, an assistant District Attorney of New York City. The program is possibly dated November 2, 1958. Allan Sloane (writer), Nathan Crowle (producer), Paul Roberts (director), Nat Polen, Jack Arthur, Sam Raskin, Mario Alcalde, Bryna Raeburn, Frank Baron. 25:21

Larry Maupin

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