Re: Aircheck Distro Update

Stan Marchand

Hi Larry. 

Thanks for this. Please add me to the list. 



On Jan 17, 2022, at 11:45 PM, Larry Maupin <lmaupin@...> wrote:

I did not reply individually to members who posted messages or wrote me personally to sign up for the distro today, but I will tell you collectively that you are on the list and that I expect to send you the first 7 episodes tomorrow and the final 2 (which are in a different folder) on Wednesday.

If anyone else wishes to sign up you will need to do so before Wednesday, because the distro will be completed and closed on that day.

One other matter.  John Dunning refers to Indictment as a series based on the records of true crime cases.  I do not have a good title for the episode in the distro.  None was on the cassette, and in listening to the first few minutes of the show I did not hear anything approximating one.  If you have a title for it or can hear one when you listen, please post it and we will use it.


Larry Maupin

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