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I know my son was listening to Old Time Radio from the time he was I would say about 14. I always liked OTR but he didn't exactly like it until he heard the show "Whose on First" He laughed so hard it wasn't funny. I think people who's parents are or were OTR lovers are the future of OTR. I have to bring my son up to speed with the OTR so should something happens to me he will be online with the groups.

Jackie Schlageter

On 2022-01-22 9:43 am, Brian Kavanaugh via wrote:
I would say that they are not unexpected. However, the fact that more
than a third of the audience was born after _Yours Truly, Johnny
Dollar_ and _Suspense_ went off the air I think is pretty good.
On Sat, Jan 22, 2022 at 10:29 AM Tom Shamray via [1]
<thomassha1959@...> wrote:

If I am reading these dashboard stats correctly, they seem rather
grim. Fans of American otr(?), are American(86%) males(74%) over 45
years old(85%).
On Saturday, January 22, 2022, 09:33:18 AM EST, Joe Webb via [1] <drjoewebb@...> wrote:
I've uploaded stuff to YouTube -- while the process has become
easier and more predictable, it requires MUCH DEDICATION AND
PERSISTENCE AND TIME, especially with so very many files to manage
Thanks again for so faithfully and tirelessly spreading the word of
OTRdom far and wide!
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