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I was hasty . I believe it is Confession 52-09-17.
Sorry about that.


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I didn't see this one in the Top Secret distro

50-09-01 The Drug of Death

Goldin has thisĀ 

Top Secret. October 19, 1950. Program #16. NBC net. "The Drug Of Death". Sustaining. The program title is also known as, "The Dream That Meant Death." Baroness Karen Geza goes to Shanghai to break up an opium ring. The communists are using the drug to fight the nationalist Chinese army. "With opium, once is forever." The program is referred to as, "Assignment 16." The recording is unedited tape, with no music cues. Ilona Massey, Fred Collins (announcer), Harry W. Junkin (writer, producer, director). 28:05. Audio Condition: Excellent. Incomplete.

But they are different.



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Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Dropbox/OneDrive/pCloud - Top Secret v2201 #new-distro

Here's the fifth of six new or updated sets that we will be releasing over the next several weeks. We will be announcing and providing the download links in the distro group, so make sure you join that group!

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