News and documentary junkies -- can you do reel transfers?

Joe Webb

One of the early reel collections that OTRR Purchasing Group acquired has a lot of news and documentary programs, and especially Meet the Press from the 1950s and 1960s
Most all of these programs are from disc, master tape, or close to source
They need to be transferred

Because these are special items, and we know there are some OTR fans who specialize in this area, we wanted to know if there is someone who can transfer them and can also give them the attention they deserve

We have a group working on reels from the Hehn Memorial Collection, the Kelez/Falk Collection, and now this collection -- we are a bit overwhelmed and backlogged with more of the mainstream entertainment items -- and could use some more transfer resources

Please contact me if you have any interest and capability in this area



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