OTR pop culture reference

Brian Kavanaugh

I've noticed some odd traffic to one of our Dangerously Yours episodes, specifically "Masquerade" (6/20/1944 audition). I finally took a little bit of time to research it. It turns out the 2016 song, "Cigarettes Out The Window" by TV Girl both uses the words from that episode and samples bits of it as well! I vaguely remember hearing the song before, but had never thought about that possible connection. Same thing with their song, "The Getaway" from 2014.

Here's a link to our YouTube episode: Dangerously Yours - Masquerade - YouTube

OTR sampling starts at about 2:40: Cigarettes Out The Window | TV Girl (bandcamp.com)
Lyrics: TV Girl – Cigarettes out the Window Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Right at the beginning for this one: The Getaway | TV Girl (bandcamp.com)
Lyrics: TV Girl – The Getaway Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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