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Brian Kavanaugh

Thanks, Barbara. I was able to get those copies, so that will definitely help.

Rick, because that was a syndicated series, dates not tied to a specific station don't mean much. As I noted, it first aired at least two months before the dates commonly used (and often more than a year earlier). None of the places that cite dates without tying them to a single station (Digital Deli, Goldin, RUSC, Old Time Radio Downloads, etc.) fully agree with each other on the broadcast dates, anyway, though some are similar to specific station broadcast dates. The pictures help, though. The image titled "Ideal Television Band Is Below Nine Metres" - I'm not sure what the connection is to Abroad with the Lockharts. Am I missing something?

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(SEE 2nd to last paragraph) for this article

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Is this Abroad With The Lockharts serial audio or video?  I have the following episodes.  This will confirm there were 13 parts in the set.

Abroad With The Lockharts - 0001 - 31-11-21 - Planning A Trip To Europe.mp3
Abroad With The Lockharts - 0002 - 31-11-24 - Sailing Day.mp3
Abroad With The Lockharts - 0003 - 31-11-25 - At Sea.mp3
Abroad With The Lockharts - 0004 - 31-11-31 - Arriving In England.mp3
Abroad With The Lockharts - 0005 - 31-12-01 - Sight Seeing In London.mp3
Abroad With The Lockharts - 0006 - 31-12-14 - Channel Crossing To Paris.mp3
Abroad With The Lockharts - 0007 - 31-12-15 - Sight Seeing In Paris.mp3
Abroad With The Lockharts - 0012 - 32-12-14 - Sightseeing In Rome.mp3
Abroad With The Lockharts - 0013 - 32-12-28 - Homeward Bound.mp3

But then I see this site and how it is numbered...

I found the dates for the show here...

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Years ago SPERDVAC acquired a collection of discs of material performed by the Lockhart family. It included nine of the 13 episodes of that series. The episodes labeled 15 and 16 in the OTRR library are 12 and 13. I don't remember if any papers were included in the donation (purchase?). I assume that those episodes, in excellent sound, will be available for download when SPERDVAC opens the library on the website.


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I've started work on a maintained set for the syndicated serial Abroad with the Lockharts. This series was first broadcast in 1930, and features Gene and Kathleen Lockhart. Mr. Lockhart just wants to go on another fishing trip, but Mrs. Lockhart is tired of fishing trips, and wants to go to Europe like all of her girlfriends have done. Only nine of the (likely) 13 episodes are known to exist.

I have the copies of all the episodes known to exist from the OTRR library, but they are very low bitrate episodes (file sizes are between 3.6 and 4.1 MB) and of generally poor quality. Please check your collections for better quality episodes.

I do have new information on the series from what is generally out there. First, it was broadcast at least two months earlier than generally listed. The first broadcast date I have found is August 17, 1930 at 7:45 PM on Baltimore's WCAO. Second, I'm not finding much indication that there were ever more than 13 episodes made. Digital Deli (and the Otter logs, for that matter), says at least 16 episodes - without providing much evidence of that. I have newspaper logs for stations broadcasting it from 1930 through 1932 and of those that are likely complete, only one - WJSV (Washington, DC and from The Evening Star) shows more than 13 episodes. That one had a very unusual broadcast schedule, anyway, so it's hard to know for sure if all those dates are correct.

Also, if anyone has any additional information on the series, I'd gladly include that. I've only found newspaper listings and a few articles, but nothing in any periodicals of the time. I also don't have any information on the origin of the show. Digital Deli (and others) say it originated out of Denver (KOA), but don't provide any evidence of that - and say October 1930, anyway. I haven't found anything else connecting it to KOA and/or Denver.


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