Theater Five presentation to MWOTRC on Fri Feb 11 will be open to all via Zoom -- details

Joe Webb

Theater Five fans and T5 curiosity seekers...

On Friday evening, February 11, I have the privilege of making a Zoom presentation about this forgotten and ignored series at the Metro Washington OTR Club's monthly meeting.
The series ran on ABC Radio from August 1964 to July 1965 with 260 episodes. It's a fascinating story, and it's about time the story was told.
You'll hear lots of surprising information that will range from mythbusting to behind-the-scenes intrigue and the people and strategy and philosophy behind the series.
THE BIG NEWS: Normally, such meetings are members only -- BUT -- the club has decided to open the meeting to OTRdom! The meeting begins at 7:30pm Eastern time; I expect my presentation will begin about 8:15pm.
MWOTRC has asked me to share the Zoom log-in details with only those who request it and not to make a general post online. Please let me know if you have interest. Send me a private message or email me at suspenseOTR@...


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