Bob Albright/Bob Albrecht

Brian Kavanaugh

I'm working on a maintained set forĀ 2000 Plus and am documenting the cast for each of the episodes. Goldin insists that the engineer in several of the episodes is "Bob Albright", even though it sounds like "Bob Albrecht" (which he does note). Does anyone know for sure? The only references to a Bob Albright seem to be forĀ 2000 Plus and are likely all as a result of Goldin listing him that way. I don't find much more for Bob Albrecht, but I do see hints of a radio engineer in the New York area by that name at that time.

Goldin does have some mistakes in the show's cast list. For example, it should be Sherman H. Dryer (not Dreyer), Sanford/Sandy Bickert (not Fickert), and Alan Shea (not Helen).

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