Re: The New Jack Carson Show -- need help getting a date for it

Scott Mahan

I have in addition to and, indeed, it does have a different, although overlapping, selection of newspaper archives.

However, I don’t find anything there either.



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Here's an interesting item, but we can't date it.

New Jack Carson Show (sometime Oct48-Jul49) GloriaDeHaven BingCrosby EdwArnold.mp3

As best I can determine it is the only surviving recording of "The New Jack Carson Show" after he left Sealtest's sponsorship. The show began in October 1948 and ended after one July 1949 performance.

It's similar but it's not this (from RGI)...

Command Performance. February 01, 1945. Program #160. AFRS origination. Gloria De Haven sings, "The Man I Love." Jack Carson plans to show Gloria around Hollywood. Carmen Miranda sings, "Tico, Tico." The date above is the recording date. Ken Carpenter (announcer), Gloria De Haven (m. c.), Jack Carson, Edward Arnold, Carmen Miranda, Bing Crosby. 30:47. Audio Condition: Very good. Complete.

It's a re-used script, it seems, but not a re-used performance. The CP broadcast is at least 3.5 and possibly 4.5 years before this one.

There are no clips that relate to this line-up of guests. DeHaven and Carson were part of some fund-raising stage performances around this time, and those come up in the searches.

Perhaps someone who has something other than with a different selection of newspaper archives can find something?

In the meantime... enjoy the show!


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