Re: The New Jack Carson Show -- need help getting a date for it

Joe Webb

Thanks for the richer context to your explanation.

Yes I know AFRS did this regularly, especially for the variety shows like Fred Allen -- Fred was too topical and AFRS did not want shows to sound dated since they could be played weeks or months later, so they tended to stick with music and skits. Allen ad-libbed with something in the news so often they had trouble coming up with a full-length program, so they created these composite programs

There are clear remnants of AFRS but the ending is suspicious
Early collectors did not like AFRS recordings because they were "inauthentic" and they would cut out AFRS announcements and also the AFRS signoffs
At the end, there is an announcer saying "The Jack Carson Show" and then it fades
It could be that was the beginning of an AFRS closing ID that was removed.

I did some Variety searches and "The New Jack Carson Show" was sponsored by General Foods. There's no such indication of that in this recording.

So your hunch that this is an AFRS composite recording makes sense. Now we have to wonder what the original source recordings are, and if any of them actually came from "The New" series beyond the show opening.

THANKS very much!


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