Theater Five #60 "The Sacrifice" -- assistance in detecting Biblical references in the story needed

Joe Webb

Theater Five episode #60 "The Sacrifice" was written by Raphael David Blau. He wrote for radio starting in the mid-1940s and also movies and TV. He was known for using his studies in psychology for plotlines, but also used religious themes for plot ideas. Blau's father was a prominent rabbi, so he was very familiar with Scriptures as part of the family's observant religious life.

Blau used the Genesis account of Abraham and Isaac as a foundation for this particular Theater Five script. He adapted the names to Abbie and Ira for the father and son. He also used phonetic Hebrew for a character name. The story is set in a corporation, and the boss is Mr. "L.O. Hay," and from what I have been able to learn, "el elohe" can be translated as "mighty God." Perhaps someone can detect other Scriptural references in Blau's plotline, dialogue, and character names? Help via replies to this post or as private messages would be greatly appreciated! A recording of the episode is at Blau's writing in other episodes of this series has been fascinating. Thanks so very much!

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