Re: Theater Five #60 "The Sacrifice" -- assistance in detecting Biblical references in the story needed

Joe Webb

I'm stumped by the "Red Rapids," too. It could refer to blood in the Nile River or any other body of water of the times. The Nile does have some rapids through its length. But the Abraham-Isaac narrative does not take place there, so it is likely some obscure reference that might have personal significance to Blau and not related to the narrative.
Blau lived in Nova Scotia at this point in his career, and he had made reference to a landmark there in a prior script. There is a "Red Rapids" town in New Brunswick in an out-of-the-way place, and there's no indication he went there in the time he lived in eastern Canada and the Maritimes.

Ken Narde added this to his notes on FB:
"Giving and taking away..." that may be a reference to a verse in the book of Job..(Job 1:21)


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