Re: ID NOT receive the 3 New AMOS & ANDY link

Ryan Ellett

Park, do you have the dates for those posts? I looked at posts 309-311 in this group and I don't see anything about Amos n Andy. I don't recall this specific offering and am trying to refresh my memory.

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On Sunday, March 20, 2022, 09:39:49 PM CDT, Park Lawrence <plawrence@...> wrote:

 Park Lawrence
3/16/21   #2907  

"I Sent my $20 thru PayPal! Looking forward to hearing these shows! Park"

I DID NOT receive the 3 New AMOS & ANDY link. Had some computer problems around that time. I just found an old post about #309, 310, and 311. Would like to get my donations worth. Park

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